The Journey

How We Started

How We Started

A Tail of our early days

The Pawsome Camp, founded by dedicated animal lovers and pet parents Abhishek ND & Divya Abhishek, opened its first location in August 2023 in Bangalore, India. The journey began with a simple vision; to create a haven for dogs where they can socialize, exercise and have fun! Our story began with the realization that many urban pet owners, including ourselves, faced challenges in ensuring that their pets received enough exercise and attention while they were busy at work or away on personal chores. Dogs thrive on companionship, leaving them alone for long periods without mental & physical stimulation could lead to boredom, anxiety, and behavioral issues. In many cases, it could also lead to obesity, arthritis, and other health issues.
With this understanding, we embarked on a mission to create a facility that would provide a solution and address these concerns. Our one-of-a-kind Camp is carefully designed to mimic a home-like environment but with the exclusivity of spacious play yards, a pooch pool, a sand pit, and more. Our state-of-the-art pet transport service makes it super convenient for busy pet parents who can’t take time off from work, to bring them over to our facility. We also wanted to create a community of like-minded pet lovers who can share their passion and information on pet welfare.

At TPC, we are proud of the paw-sitive impact we have made on the lives of dogs and their owners. Seeing our campers wag their tails with excitement as they enter our center, and witnessing their joy-filled interactions with their friends, is what fuels our passion every day!


Meet the Pawsome Team

Abhishek ND
Top Dog
(Managing Director)

Serial entrepreneur & avid dog lover Abhishek is the founder of The Pawsome Camp. With a passion for pooches and a keen understanding of

their needs, he leads our pack with expertise and compassion for canines. From fetching new business opportunities to ensuring every pup receives top-notch care, he is committed to providing unparalleled experiences for every one!

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Divya Abhishek
Pooch Whisperer
(Director – Operations)

With a keen eye for detail and a paw-sitive approach, Divya ensures that each pup receives personalized care and a tail-wagging experience.

Her unwavering dedication to serve our furry guests and pet paw-rents make her the heart and soul of our operation, proving that being a ‘Pooch Whisperer’ is truly an art form.

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Praveen Yadav
Cash Hound
(Director - Business Development)

With a nose for sniffing out new and lucrative opportunities, Praveen is on a mission to deliver top-notch care that exceeds the

expectations of our furry friends and their humans. His sharp business acumen and ability to identify latest trends, ensures the business is on solid ground and wagging its way to success.

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Prashanth Ranganath
Chief Barketer
(Chief Branding Officer)

Armed with a paw-sitive attitude and an endless supply of innovative ideas, Prashanth leads the pack in spreading the word about our brand.

From crafting captivating campaigns to building an online presence that leaves tails wagging, he is the ultimate ambassador for our business.

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Ranga 1
AJ Rangavittala
Pooch Pundit

With his passion for all things canine, Ranga has an uncanny ability to spot hidden treasures and turn them into gold. With the “Pooch Pundit” by our side,

we’re bound to chase profits and make tails wag at the same time!

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Studio NKPR
(Design Partner)

Husband and wife duo Nischith Kashyap & Pooja Rao design spaces which breathe creativity and ingenuity. Their expertise in understanding, visualizing

& creating fun-filled, safe spaces for our beloved pets makes them our chief Barkitects.

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Innovative Building Solutions
Metal Maven
(Construction Partner)

Akshay Rao from IBS, is obsessed with creating a ‘Home-away-from-home’ for our furry campers. He is a firm believer of the saying ‘Dog is in the details’

and ensures that TPC is a safe haven for your dogs and not just a few walls and a woof.

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